An Introduction to The Fresh Dolls

You’ve all heard me mention the Fresh Dolls. Now I’m writing a piece on them pre-reviewing the dolls I bought from them. This is in no way sponsored by them, so expect to hear bad as well as good.

Dr. Lisa is the CEO The World of EPI. She founded this company to make dolls that children, specifically black children, could see themselves in. She made some adorable baby dolls that did just that. More recently, she moved on to fashion dolls. She funds this company herself. Her, and some Patreons. She only has four employees and some interns. And some drama with one intern, but thankfully that’s over with. She has a vision for her dolls and I admire the lengths she’s gone to seeing it through. There is one problem with her vision; she’s a bit out of touch. I realized this talking to a doll friend earlier, she said it, and she was absolutely right. I don’t mean that in a bad way or as an insult to her. I admire her greatly, but the fashions of the first wave show how out of touch she is. The second wave was a fantastic improvement, but the faces still need some help too. But she does try. More than I have ever seen any other business try. And although many of us have been frustrated by all the preorder drama(more on that later), all in all, we love our dolls and we love Dr. Lisa. She genuinely wants to show people their beauty. She clearly isn’t in it for money. She just cares. It isn’t pushy, or insincere to make her look good or to pull on your heart strings to get you to buy her dolls. She also really wants to give the people what we want. 

Dr. Lisa truly cares and wants to give us what we want. And that’s how this year’s problems started… She did something truly amazing earlier this year; She unveiled the illustrations of what felt like the first black articulated male dolls ever! For the record, they are not the first ever. But it IS fair to say they are the first this widely available. Their articulation was at the neck, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. But could people just be happy with that? NOPE. So people begged and begged, and Dr. Lisa moved mountains to give us ankles and wrists too. And that my friends, is where the problems started. It delayed the male dolls, and eventually all the dolls, months. There were many other last minute changes made, but that was the biggest, and the first domino to start the chain. They did things in a few months that take bigger companies years. So, way to go Dr. Lisa, you did that! But the very same people who begged got very annoyed at the consequences of getting their way. *Insert eye roll here* Which brings me to one of my main points: You can’t please everyone, so don’t try. Please, do not try. That being said, people are still happy. You came through Doc. 

The fashions. Oh boy the fashions. There were some good pieces in the first wave. But as whole… Not so good. The second wave was a huge improvement. There’s still room for more improvement, but that’s also a matter of taste. It’s stable for now. Going back to the intern that was mentioned before, they had some fashions that people weren’t happy to see leave with them. I honestly won’t miss them, but I completely understand why people do. The intern was definitely in touch with what people wanted. But so is MyFroggyStuff. So is Howlvin. And so are the Fresh Family, who Dr. Lisa constantly asks the opinions of. So, I think we’ll be fine. One request I would like to make is for more ethnic clothing like Aria’s main outfit. I don’t just mean African tribal prints, there’s a Latina doll coming too. I want to see dolls embrace their cultures some.

The faces. This is where the criticism is usually aimed. But half the criticism comes from people who would never buy a playline doll anyway, so it can seem like not many of the customers actually care. That isn’t actually the case. Even I, queen of not caring is something is cartoony as long as it isn’t wonky, am not really a fan. People want more accurate representation. I understand it isn’t in the budget right now. But as Integrity Toys and Barbie have greatly evolved in their faces, I have faith that the Fresh Dolls will too. I don’t mind the faces much, but I’m not the one being represented here, so I understand that people want more realism. 

The bodies. Not much to say here. I love my Fresh Squad bodies. I like my Fresh Dolls’ bodies too. They actually fit all that pesky one size fits all(that’s a lie LOL) clothing Barbie makes really well. 

The characters themselves. Stuff has been changed in their bios. Whoever mentioned their Grandma, please add that back in. And since so many characters are related, please put that in their bios so that I don’t have to hunt through Instagram looking for all those separate posts about who is related to who. I like the family direction they’re taking with the characters. Kids can add couples if they want, but I’m beginning to see the positives of leaving romances out of kid’s dolls. Dating doesn’t need to have a prominent place in EVERY story after all. I like that they’re in college together. I like how much Aria reminds me of Freddie Brooks, and I would love if they took a kid-friendly ‘A Different World’ type of approach to this story. I also love the inclusion of Froggy aka MyFroggyStuff. She’s one of the most popular doll influencers. We all love her, and she’s very family friendly. 

What’s coming for the Fresh Dolls? Hopefully, success. And most likely. We weren’t happy with the shipping fiasco. But we are happy with our dolls. And in the end, that’s what’s most important for the company. They will have a lot of return customers, and they overall still have a good reputation. Doll wise, Skylar, a special doll that they have yet to reveal how we will be able to purchase, is coming in 2019. She’s on my Instagram. In the fashion show scene in their TV spot, you can see a hint of her sweater. Thank you Howlvin(Creative Director for The Fresh Dolls) for showing me that! And I have been informed by him personally that if you think 2018 was amazing, just you wait until 2019! Big stuff is coming! Including their first fully Latina doll. Aleyna and Victoria are Afro-Latina. And eventually, I’m not sure if next year or not, they will make a Blasian doll. You can check my Instagram for even more of what Dr. Lisa has planned to produce for the Fresh Dolls.

A special thanks to everyone whose opinions factored into this article. And to Howlvin for that peek at Skylar that I wouldn’t have noticed! I really do love this company. I love what Dr. Lisa stands for, and I love seeing a woman succeed in an industry I’d like to be in. I look forward to seeing what the future holds, and to reviewing the six Fresh Dolls I bought. They are home, just not reviewed. 


Claudette and France

Here you go folks. I posted, and tried a new writing style. I’m trying to write for characters other than Rose and Cait.

Claudette was nervous. Immeasurably nervous. She felt quite certain that no one else had ever felt this nervous. Nervous her life would never be the same.   Just last week she had been preparing for Fashion Doll Week with world renown stylist Barbara Millicent Roberts in New York. This week she was in France, unsure of when- if ever- she would ever return home to America. It was a terrible disaster. Just a few days ago she had decided to take a trip to Paris with her father’s jet and money, everything was normal. Than it hit the news. Her father was in trouble. For what, she wasn’t sure. Claudette had no understanding of the financial jargon they used in the paper. One thing she did know was that she was stranded. Being stranded in Paris ordinarily wouldn’t seem so bad. It had happened before. But this time was different, this time wasn’t because of the weather. And this time she wasn’t sure when she was getting home. She wasn’t alone, at least. Adam Fenris had taken her in. Barbara was going to let Claudette stay with her as soon as she got back. Claudette couldn’t wait for Barbara to get back. Adam was grating to be around, even for Claudette, who was usually unaware of such things. Yet in spite of this, he was moderately polite and was trying to be sympathetic to the distraught Claudette. Her world had been upended. Even he had the sense to realize it was a delicate situation. Oh where was Artemis when one needed her? Surely she would know how to handle Claudette. But he could not recall where she was currently, nor could he recall her phone number to beg for help. So he sat silently commiserating with Claudette until someone could save them from their current circumstances.

To Be Continued…

Adam Fenris

For more info on Claudette click here. For more on Adam here

Let me know what you all think of this style vs. the old one! Personally, I find it harder to add dialogue to this one. Not sure if it’s staying or not.

Artemis Jolie Bio

My first Integrity Toys female! 


Name: Artemis Jolie

Age: 27

Hobbies: Charity work and fashion.

Name Inspiration: I was reading Julius Caesar and Artemidorus made me think of Artemis in Young Justice. Which made me think of her blond pony tail.


Artemis is a friend of Belle from France, as well as a high society acquaintance of Claudette and Amelie. She is the daughter of Mademoiselle Jolie, and the younger sister to Elyse Jolie. Unlike her sister, who is famous for throwing tantrums when people mistakenly spell her name with an “I” instead of a “Y”, Artemis keeps a low profile. She often attends charity functions and fashion shows, but never reveals much of her personal life. That being said, her fashion sense certainly speaks louder than she does! She has attended almost every, if not every, charity event Mercy Corp. has ever thrown. 

Artemis grew up in her sister’s shadow, but it didn’t bother her too much. Her sister getting all the attention left her free to do as she pleased. While her sister was busy with her dramatics, Artemis was busy with her humanitarian efforts. Artemis may look a bit older than her sister, but it’s only because Elyse was rather trying to live with. Her mother once tried to arrange a marriage between her and Adam Fenris, a man with questionable “royal” ancestry. Artemis ended the engagement for two reasons; 1: Adam and Artemis were quite possibly the two most incompatible people on the planet. 2: Adam was clearly in love with Belle, a girl Artemis knew through her charity work. Artemis was the one to introduce Adam and Belle, and she felt awful for Belle when they broke up. 

Claudette and Artemis met through one of Artemis’s charity events she put together herself. Claudette’s mother is very prominent in the world of fashion, meaning that Mlle. Jolie and Mrs. Velez were already well acquainted. Artemis finds Claudette to be a bit grating to be in the company of, but she knows Claudette means well. Although Claudette would tell you that Artemis is her “Best friend from France.”, Artemis might have other ideas on her friendship with Claudette. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my bio on my Passion Week Elyse! I can’t wait for her to come home! Seriously. I almost want it to be fall.

Updates For the Doll Stories

I’ve been on hiatus, but now I’m back with news on what’s been going on in Rose’s World. There’s been a bit of a time jump. Not much, just a few months. And nothing interesting really happened that won’t be mentioned right here.

First up, Rose herself.


Rose and Weston have started dating. Well, if you ask Nikki or Brie(WWE Superstars Nikki Bella and Brie Bella) they have. They aren’t exactly dating, but they have a relationship. Rose has been redecorating her room(read; buying a bunch of collectibles and rearranging her room to fit them all). Tessa hasn’t been crazy about the redecorating, but she can’t complain too much since she is a guest in Rose’s room, and it’s this or the couch in the living room. Rose started going to a new youth group, and she’s made some new friends. And René and Rose don’t even see or speak to each other anymore.(That doesn’t mean I’m done writing about him, I haven’t decided on that yet.)

And now for Cait and Iris.


Caitlin started dating Kyle Peterson(Integrity Toys Kyle Spencer). She and Kyle met at a café, and they hit it off right away. Kyle is a doctor at the local hospital. The same hospital Caitlin’s brother is a doctor at. He also has a step-brother in town, and his younger half brother is staying with him. Iris and Caitlin have decided to move to a new apartment together. Caitlin got a new job at the labs at Mercy Corp., and she wanted to live closer. As for Iris, it’s just a move to a different apartment in the same building.

The Prince family.

Simon Peterson-Jekyll

The still unnamed(whoops) baby has been replaced with a Babysitter’s Inc. baby because he needed to grow. The Prince’s are looking for a new babysitter. Diana, Nubia, and Hippolyta still can’t be in a room together without arguing. Not much has changed, other than the arrival of Jackson’s step-brother and half-brother. 

Raini and Becky.

(I was too lazy to take a photo😁)

Those of you who have seen my Flickr and Instagram, have probably also seen Becky and Raini. They go to college with Tessa. They’re best friends. And these besties have a band! Raini plays the keyboard, Becky plays the guitar, Tessa plays the saxophone, Camilla(Barbie and the Rockers Drummer) plays the drums, and Mal(Descendants Target exclusive Mal) sings.

Belle, Sapphira, and Hans.


When I last wrote about Belle, it was July.  Last July. Safe to say a lot has happened. I do mean A LOT. I’ll be writing about them soon!

Candie and Maci.

I finally bought Candie’s mom and dad. I also decided that the Jones’ would adopt a little boy. So expect to see him soon! And Candie has started dating a guy named Kevin. As for Maci, I’ve been toying with the idea of giving her a boyfriend, I just don’t know who yet.

Andy and Gabby.


Andy’s sister Brandy(Hair Play Brandy)(the rhyming wasn’t on purpose) has come to town. And she brought her daughter Lemon. Lemon and Gabby hit it off. Gabby and her sister-in-law… Less so.


Upcoming projects and new characters.

No pictures here. I am planning on making a café, a comic book shop, an office for Tess, a lab for Caitlin, a church basement for the youth group, an apartment for Cait and Iris, an outdoor farmers market/ flea market, Joylette’s boutique, and whatever else pops into my head. And rebodying Tess(Fashionista #64).

As for characters, there are two sections; planned characters, and purchased but not introduced characters. Planned characters have two sub-categories, definite, and indefinite. Some of the planned characters have already made appearances on my Flickr and/or Instagram.

Purchased characters(that weren’t mentioned above); Carrie(Original 70’s Leia doll), Melinda(Fashionista #61), Mallory(Babysitter’s Club Mallory Pike), Isabel(Fashionista #72), Kevin(Cool Kevin, boyfriend of Skipper), Carmella Jones(Curvy Barbie Look), Mr. Jones(Ken #18), Manu(Ken #9), Grayson Dolan(Custom Ken), Chad Evans(Camping Fun Chelsea boy), Brie Bella, Mary Jane Watson (Eva Marie), Adam(Prince Adam), Kimberly(Curvy MTM), Mulan(2017 Disney Store Mulan), Karen(Cheerful Check Fashionista),Unnamed(Fashionista #60), Carlos Mendez(Tropical Vibes Ken), Mrs. Evans(Fashionista #84), Aria(Fresh dolls), Anthony Oliver(Fresh Dolls Anthony), Daniel(Fresh Dolls), Candie’s cousin Aleyna(Fresh Dolls Aleyna), Jax(Fresh Dolls Jacqueline Wave 2), Joylette(Fresh Dolls Indigo Wave 2), Thea(Fashionista #79), Unnamed Asian Skipper. Artemis Jolie(Passion Week Elyse Jolie), Nattie(WWE Superstars Natalya), Adam(Prince Adam), Alicia(WWE Alicia Fox), various child dolls that I’m too lazy to name😅 .

Planned characters

Definite; Mandy(Rockstar Glam Barbie Fashionista), Aleyna’s mom/Carmella’s sister(Katherine Johnson Barbie or Marni Barbie), friends for Ginger/ possible babysitters for the Prince family(Assorted Skipper Babysitter’s Inc. dolls), Various WWE dolls.

Indefinite; Jase Clark(Integrity Toys Cabot Clark Style Lab), Tulabelle True(Style Lab AA Tulabelle), Liu Liu Ling(Either version of her), Tate Tanaka(Style Lab), a few other Integrity dolls since they depend solely on what’s available when I have the money.

There are also a few dolls to be CiCi’s siblings, but I can’t make up my mind on their definite casting. Tropical Vibes Ken is her brother. And a few dolls that I want but I guess will be backgrounders because I have no place for them in the stories. I’m also thinking about putting in dolls from other brands like Ever After High.

Anyhow, that’s what’s new in Rose’s world. I probably messed up a bit, but I don’t think there was anything major, just some doll purchase information.

Style Yourself Like a Barbie #2 …With a Twist

The twist is… Drum roll please! It’s actually a Style Yourself Like a Ken post! Surprise! 19247899_646047372251492_6975806301658053182_n

I was trying to make one outfit based on this for guys and one for girls, but I couldn’t find any polka-dot tops for guys. So I made two options for girls. All clothing is from Forever 21. I didn’t bother with shoes this time, because you really don’t need my help to find white sneakers.03


3Look up polka dot top and maroon pants on Forever 21. This took awhile longer than expected. I was sick, but I am feeling much better.

Review: Kylo Ren, Rose, and Paige

I’m a Rey collector. So why did I not buy any Reys? Because she’s the main character. She’ll be a peg warmer for a long time to come. There is something Rey related at the end of this post, though! Meanwhile, I missed out on the last unmasked Kylo Ren. My stores never even got that wave. Well, they probably did, but things that are supposed to be in-stock “mysteriously” are gone when we go to pick them up. Rose is going to be a main character. But I don’t have anything of her. And Paige could be a one time release, like many pilots/gunners are. In other news, I know Marvel legends is using a new painting method. I think Hasbro may be using a new painting method for the SW basic figures too, because these all have flawless paint.

Kylo Ren. There’s not much to say. The sculpt is great. The painting is great. And the cape is not only removable, but it also doesn’t hinder articulation when it’s on. I highly recommend.

Rose. She’s about a half inch shorter than Paige. She has one of those big Resistance guns that I swear I’ve never seen anyone use. She has this little thing that attaches to her belt. I think it’s a communicator. She’s pretty cute. I recommend her, but be warned her communicator thingy is a little loose on her belt and tends to flip around.

Paige. My favorite out of the three. She has a breathing mask that can slip into little slots in her helmet. I can only get one to fully go in at a time, but it still stays up. The mask is perfectly molded to fit on her face. She has a little gun, but it’s not in the pictures because I’ve already misplaced it. And by I, I probably mean Gemma. I adore her, she’s so detailed! I love her, but if you don’t collect obscure female characters like I do, she’s probably an easy pass. I mainly collect SW girls, and although I love Padmé, Rey, and Leia, and I never pass up a new Hera or Ahsoka, but my passion is the obscure girls.IMG_1739IMG_1733IMG_1728That special Rey and Ren related announcement? There is a Forces of Destiny Rey and Kylo Ren Two Pack coming! It should be about 35 USD. I found it on the Big Bad Toy Store website.

687da085-5f3a-4a1f-a647-be1370dfeead009b92b4-6206-4c45-b085-20d967e7b60fd577cfa3-3fde-4278-8d4c-738201718f3bI’m in love! That concludes the Force Friday posts. I hope your Force Friday was as productive as mine! The promised Hera Black Series review will be coming sometime in the next month or so.

Review: Porg Plush and Porg POP!

So… I know this is late, but it is still Force Friday. And it’s not too bad if you’re on the West Coast. I’m sorry, I was very tired today. What was supposed to be two, maybe three, stores turned into 5 stores and an Amazon order. Toys-R-Us was better than the first year, but everyone bought the Kylo Ren 3.75 inch figure before I could. I got a Rose, a Paige, and my plush Porg. K-mart(my usual Force Friday stop, because no one goes first thing like at other stores) had nothing. Kohls had BB-8 walkie-talkies, Hoth Leia Forces of Destiny doll, and literally nothing else, save a few lightsabers, none of which were new. Walmart had my Kylo Ren. And I bought a Porg POP! at Game Stop. NO ONE at all had Black Series figures, so my promised Hera review will have to wait until she arrives from Amazon. Should be October 4th. *Internal screaming* They pushed back her release for a year, and now I have to wait another month. At least I’m guaranteed to get her. I’m not guaranteed to get a good paint job, though.

On to the review. *photos at the end* When I compared the two Porgs, I discovered that they seem to be two different Porgs. Their color scheme is the same, but they each have a different pattern.

The POP!. The POP! Porg is really, really cute. But the head doesn’t bobble very well. I understand why, but I still wish he had a little more movement. The paint job is pretty good. The Porg on the box art has a different head shape than the Porg you get. Overall, this little guy looks great on my POP! shelf. I’d recommend for the person in your life(or you) who has fallen in love with these little things.

The Plush. I spent 10 bucks on this little thing. It’s 6.5 inches, and it’s actually the best priced plush Porg. It’s also the most cuddly thing ever! It has the design printed on, rather than using different fabrics. This is a pet peeve of mine with plushes, because you can see the white underneath the design. I’d like to say I regret spending that much money on something so small, but it was the best deal, and it’s super soft. So if you know someone who is dying for a squeezable Porg, this is your best, cuddliest, bet. I’m gonna name mine.



See the difference?

Sorry about the image quality. In all the places I went, I never found the Chewbacca with Porg 3.75 inch figure. Stay tuned! I have the review of Rose, Paige, and Kylo Ren coming up! And a new Forces of Destiny reveal!